• Emajin@tionz is the name,
    Educating is my game.
    My philosophy are so unique,
    I will guarantee you what you seek.
    I am fun, loving person who is never late,
    I charge a fair and honourable rate,
    A free consultation - its worth a shot,
    How can the kids not resist a 6ft child tot?
    There are oodles of fun to ahh & ooo,
    With handmade games, books & toys too.
    For whatever reason you require time,
    Don't delay and call or text my line.
    Lisa's Mobile: 021 118 2715

  • Hi!!! My name is Lisa Gisby,
    This is the chance to know all about me.
    My favourite colour is ruby red,
    Who is extra tall and 1 giant kid!

    I love to work! - Really, really I do!
    Looking after children 1,2,3 for you.
    I can create games, crafts and lots of fun,
    Lots of happy faces - second to none.

    I hear it now?! The arh's and ooo's,
    FREE4U! ---> a bikkie & hot piping brew.
    Or go to the shops or read a book,
    Everything will be taken care - just look!

    I must not forget I lurvve and adore,
    Creating kids wall decals, t-shirts & more.
    I have a website if you would like to see?,
    It is called www.Contagiously Funky.

    In my spare time and on my daily breaks,
    I love to eat S&V chippy bun cakes.
    I am one in a million, that is the key,
    Meet me, talk to me - Its totally FREE!

    Lisa Gisby
    Nanny & Babysitter Extraordinaire
    Mobile: (021)-118-2715

    ♥  Andrew: Howick  ♥ "We would highly recommend Lisa to all Mums, Dads and Caregivers who wanted to entrust their children in the care of someone who is completely reliable, honest and jolly good fun!!"     

    ♥  Mandy: Albany  ♥ "Lisa is always honest, funny, trustworthy and punctual. I definitely would have no hesitation leaving the children in her care. The children would be always ready and waiting until she would arrive with a lots of fun packed with excitement for the day a head."

    ♥  Ana: Torbay  ♥ "Lisa has a kind, warm, friendly, bubbly personality - which makes everyone smile. The dedication she shows through her talent as a nanny and babysitter is an incredibility that I have observed personally due to her interaction with my very own daughter."

    ♥  Jenny: Milford  ♥ "Lisa is "WOW" and that life-saver that you wish you had found sooner. The kids love her to bits and she is like their "big-sister".

  • P/h
    1. Consultation $FREE
    2. Text Updates $FREE
    3. Overnight Care (12hrs) $200.00
    4. Miss's Doubtfire (Everything) T.B.A
    Supernanny T.B.A
    Before and Afterschool Care T.B.A
    Hotel, Wedding, Events & Groups T.B.A
    5. Children's Taxi $35.00
    6. Mini "Mystery" Trips $35.00
    7. Day Nanny (Basic) $25.00
    8. Evening Babysitting $20.00

    Please Note: * Special conditions to apply to all Emajinationz Nanny and Babysitting Services. Bookings are essential. Cancellation Fee: (48 hours or less). Payment: Cash or Internet Banking.

    Office Hours: Monday - Sunday: 8am - 8pm: 021 118 2715. Closed: Christmas Day.

  • What's Happening?

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  • ♥  Harriet: Auckland City  ♥ "Lisa's duties have been to care for my daughter, so I can get my work done. Lizzie is very happy in Lisa's care. Lisa is of course fully competent with all the basics of baby-care eg. nappies, feeding, sleep-time etc. Lisa has a full driver's license and her own car with baby car-seat, and she regularly takes Lizzie out on some really fun outings to parks. I feel very comfortable with Lizzie being in Lisa's care, and I think she has been a really good choice of nanny for us. I would recommend her to any potential employer, not just for childcare work, but for any job that requires a responsible person with initiative."

    ♥  Daniel (6): Pinehill  ♥ "I like Lisa as a babysitter. I found her at Foodtown (Countdown) when we went shopping. She takes me on great trips. I like playing at the beach and on the playground the best."

    ♥  Elliot (9): Red Beach  ♥ "You play cars with me, teach me fun crafts. I love the stories you read me and they get really silly."

    ♥   Jenny: Browns Bay  ♥ "I have known Lisa Gisby since the early 1990's. During this time she has assisted me with the care of my two children. Lisa has been a great help being the most reliable, responsible, honest, caring, patient, willing person we have ever had to mind our children. Lisa's gentle and relaxed manner and creative talents have endeared her to the girls instilling a trust that is of great importance to young children. Lisa puts her amazing imaginative and creative talents to excellent use with entertaining the girls and in developing their own creativity."

    ♥  Nathalie: Pepsicles  ♥ "Lisa has been a Pepsicles postnatal home helper since 2007. Feedback from families she has worked for has been so overwhelmingly positive. Lisa gets on very well with young children and babies. She is honest, reliable and very trustworthy."

    ♥  Max: Northcote  ♥ "The children love when she comes with her suitcase full of arts in crafts. They get all excited and ask "Is she here yet."

  • Please send me (Lisa) an email if you would like to enquiry or make a booking:

    Emajinationz Nanny and Babysitting Service
    Subject: Emajinationz Nanny & Babysitting Service: Book or Enquire
    Email: lisa@emajinationz.co.nz


    Lisa Gisby
    Nanny and Babysitting Extraordinaire
    Mobile: 021-118-2715

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    For updates, awesome crafts and funny stories
    Click here: North Shore "Emajinationz" Babysitting Service

  • Emajinationz (E-mage-in-at-shinz) Nanny and Babysitting Service started blossoming in the early years of 1994. It all began when I got my first ever evening babysitting job. WOW! It was heaven and I was in l♥ve!!

    Since I can remember I have always have loved children; especially babies - I was and still am I am a baby magnet. I would attract children where ever I would go. If that wasn't a big enough sign. I don't know what is! Still the best part of it all - that I can also love being a big kid myself. Who wouldn't love playing cowboys and indians, having a princess tea-party or playing hide and seek. I had truly found my career.

    In 2001 Emajinationz Nanny and Babysitting Service was officially created and launched and I was going great places. I have/had super-amazing families, neat friends and wow-factor environments. In the early stages of starting my childcare business; I decided to go to University to gain more knowledge and understanding of early childhood development; which has empowered me to be a better Professional Nanny, Babysitter and Early Childhood Teacher that I am today.

    What makes me stands out from the rest? I am based on the North Shore. This service is provided by myself which means you are assured that I am the only one who will look after your child(ren). I guarantee to come to your place with action-packed activities that are always bursting at the seems and tailored for each age group. Currently I have over 20 years childcare experience and references that will melt your heart. If you would like to take the children in my car I have my own car seats available. One newborn car seat and on boaster seat up to 8 years of age. I highly recommend (not essential) a free meet and greet consultation if required to come and meet you and your child(ren) before your outing out.

    Qualifications: ♥ NZ First Aid - 2016 ♥ Dipolma of E.C.E ♥ NZ Nanny Certificate ♥